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  • AnimatedLabel
    AnimatedLabel allows end-users to keep context by focusing on the input.
  • ButtonGroup
    ButtonGroup displays available choices to the user.
  • DatePicker
    DatePicker allows the end-user to select a single or a range of dates using a calendar.
  • Dropdown
    Dropdown allows end-users to make a choice from several options.
  • DropdownSelect
    DropdownSelect allows a search functionality or multiple selection in lists with enhanced UX experience.
  • FileUpload
    FileUpload allows the end-user to transfer a file or add content to the application.
  • FloatingActions
    FloatingActions display an action that floats in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • InputWithIcon
    InputWithIcon allows the end-user to input data with the help of a hint.
  • RangeSlider
    RangeSlider gives the end-users an option to select a value within a configured range by dragging a slider.
  • RangeSliderInterval
    RangeSliderInterval selects a single value or a range between two values.
  • SearchBalloon
    SearchBalloon enables the users to search the content while showing results, without forcing them to lose the context of the UI.
  • Search
    Search allows the user to find pieces of content without the use of navigation.
  • TimePicker
    TimePicker selects a single time from a list.
  • ToggleButton
    ToggleButton prompts end-users to choose between two states.
  • Video
    Video embeds a native video player.
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