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  • A dynamic widget that enables you to highlight pieces of content in a single space and a cyclic view.

    The Carousel makes it possible to show more than one piece of content, while optimizing screen space by displaying only a subset of images on a cyclic view. The navigational controls on a carousel suggest additional content that is not visible, which encourages the user to continue exploring.

    How to use

    Elements inside the placeholder are split in different items. For dynamic content, use a List directly inside the placeholder and the list items will be Carousel Items by default.

    1. Drag the Carousel pattern into your page.

    2. Place your content into the Items placeholder. To use a Carousel with items from a database, drag a ListRecords into Items placeholder and create your custom content.

    3. Publish and test.

    Input parameters

    Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
    Margin Distance between each Carousel item. Integer False 16
    Padding Distance between the screen edges and the visible items on the screen. Integer False 0
    Pagination If true, sets the dots representing all items, which can be tapped to navigate directly to a given item. Boolean False True
    Navigation If true, shows arrows to navigate left and right. Boolean False True
    Autoplay If true, it enables the autoplay. Boolean False False
    Rewind Applies a Rewind effect when the Carousel reaches the end and Loop is enabled. The default behavior is to show the first item without rewinding through the remaining. Boolean False False
    Loop If true, it enables continuous slide of the Carousel even after it reaches the end. Boolean False False
    InitialPosition Sets the first element to show. Integer False 0
    ItemsDesktop Number of items to be displayed at the same time while on desktop. DeviceConfig False 1
    ItemsTablet Number of items to be displayed at the same time while on tablet. DeviceConfig False 1
    ItemsPhone Number of items to be displayed at the same time while on phone. DeviceConfig False 1
    ExtendedClass Adds custom style classes to this Block. Text False none
    AdvancedFormat Enables you to use more options than what is provided in the input parameters. For more information visit: Example: { axis: 'vertical' } Text False none

    Layout and classes


    Here are some more advanced use-cases of the widget.

    To place the arrows outside the carousel, change the input parameters Padding and Margin. To have this behavior both parameters must be of the same value. Padding creates a space around the carousel viewport and the margin pushes the elements apart, so they are hidden inside the carousel.

    Customizing the dots style

    It is possible to change the style of the dots on a Carousel with the custom CSS. Here are two examples of how to do it. To use in your application, copy the CSS and put it in your theme.

    Example 1

    .carousel .tns-nav > [aria-controls] {
        width: 16px;
        height: 2px;
        border-radius: 0;

    Example 2

    .carousel .tns-nav > [aria-controls] {
        width: 12px;
        height: 6px;
        border-radius: 4px;


    Line Separator from ListRecords should be None.

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