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A simple way to organize topics into separate bullet points.

Use Bullets to break up large blocks of text into different topics. They make complex articles and blog posts easier to read.

How to use

Add the Bullets pattern to your screen, then add as many Bullets Items as you need inside the content paceholder.

  1. Drag the Bullets pattern into the preview.

  2. Set your content in the placeholders.

  3. Publish and test.

Input Parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

Layout and Classes

Advanced Use Case

Use Bullets with ListRecords

  1. Drag the Bullets Pattern into the preview.

  2. In the Content placeholder, drag a ListRecords widget.

  3. Set the Line Separator property of the ListRecords to None.
  4. In the ListRecords widget, drag a BulletItem pattern.
  5. Inside the BulletItem pattern, use expressions to display the content.
  6. Publish and test.

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