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Developing an Application



Using Web Patterns

Components and UI patterns specially designed to address common application use cases in web development.

OutSystems Web UI Framework has different patterns that you can implement in Screens by drag and drop. They provide a solid user experience and can be additionally customized by CSS.

Articles in this Section

  • Balloon Pattern
    The Balloon widget shows a content overlay to users, without forcing them to lose the UI context.
  • Carousel Pattern
    Carousel shows a subset of, for example, images in a cyclic view.
  • Dropdown Select Pattern
    Offer you users a search functionality or multiple selection in lists with enhanced UX experience.
  • Gallery Pattern
    The Gallery widget enables the users to sequentially browse the content when there are many cards grouped into one or more collections.
  • Layout Side Menu
    Use the space available on the side to improve navigation.
  • Layout Top Menu
    Use the space available on the top for navigation. This widget is suitable for simple applications.
  • Range Slider Pattern
    Give the users an option to select a value within a configured range by dragging a handle.
  • Range Slider Interval Pattern
    Select a single value or a range between two values.
  • Search Balloon Pattern
    The Search Balloon enables the users to search the content while showing results, without forcing them to lose the context of the UI.
  • Tabs Pattern
    Separate content into flat structure sections.
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