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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps




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  • Separate content clearly to help visual organization.

    Use the Separator to distribute content into clear groups and ease visual organization.

    How to use

    To use the vertical separator, the parent element needs to have a defined height.

    1. Drag Separator pattern into the preview.

    2. Publish and test.

    Input Parameters

    Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
    Color Set the color. Color Identifier False Entities.Color.Neutral4
    Space Set the space around the Separator line. Space Identifier False Entities.Space.Base
    IsVertical If set as true, then the Separator becomes vertical. Boolean False False
    ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

    Layout and Classes

    CSS Selectors

    Element CSS Class Description
    .separator .separator-horizontal When IsVertical parameter is False
    .separator .separator-vertical When IsVertical parameter is True

    Advanced Use Case

    Use the vertical separator

    1. Drag a container into the preview.

    2. Create a class called "separator-height".

      css .separator-height { height: 100px; } 1. Drag the Separator pattern into the container.

    3. Set the IsVertical parameter to True.

    4. Publish and test.

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