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  • Groups information in a small block organized with different sections for title, image and content that can be easily noticeable in the screen.

    Use the CardSectioned pattern to group short pieces of information and highlight them on the screen.

    How to use

    Add content to the placeholders and use the parameters to define the orientation, direction and padding properties.

    1. Drag the CardSectioned pattern into the preview.

    2. Set the content you need in the placeholders.

    3. Set the Input Parameters to extend the default values.

    4. Publish and test.

    Input Parameters

    Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
    Orientation Set the orientation of the card. Orientation Identifier False Entities.Orientation.Vertical
    ImagePadding When true, content has 24px of padding. Boolean False True
    IsRight Aligns content to the right. This will only go into effect if the Orientation parameter is set to Horizontal. Text False False
    ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

    Layout and Classes

    CSS Selectors

    Element CSS Class Description
    .card-sectioned .flex-direction-row When the parameter Orientation of the card is set to horizontal
    .card-sectioned .flex-direction-column When the parameter Orientation of the card is set to vertical
    .card-image .padding-none When the parameter ImagePadding of the card is set to False
    .card-sectioned .card-sectioned-right When the parameter IsRight is set to True

    Advanced Use Case

    Change Orientation according to device

    1. Drag the CardSectioned Pattern into the preview.

    2. Set the Orientation parameter to If(IsPhone(),Entities.Orientation.Vertical, Entities.Orientation.Horizontal). Use the server action IsPhone as the condition to set the orientation for a phone. You can also use the IsTablet action or invert the False & True statements, according to your needs. This way, the CardSectioned pattern will be horizontal on Desktop and Tablet. On the Phone, it will be vertical.

    3. Publish and test.

    Desktop & Tablet:



    The parameter IsRight only works if the paramater Orientation is not Vertical.

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