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    • Accordion
      Accordion expands vertically-stacked content by clicking on the header.
    • Alert
      Alert gets the end user's attention and highlights important information, errors or warnings on the screen.
    • Balloon
      Balloon shows a content overlay to users, without forcing them to lose the UI context.
    • Blank Slate
      Blank Slate informs end users when they start using the application, complete a task or when there is no data available for display.
    • Bullets
      Bullets break up large blocks of text into smaller points that are easier to read.
    • Card
      Card groups small pieces of information and highlights them on the screen.
    • Card Background
      Card Background groups short pieces of information and highlights them on the screen while providing additional relevance by using a background image.
    • Card Sectioned
      Card Sectioned groups short pieces of information in sections and highlights them on the screen.
    • Carousel
      Carousel shows a subset of items in a cyclic view.
    • Chat Message
      Chat Message displays conversation posts in notifications or chat screens.
    • Light Box Image
      Light Box Image displays an image thumbnail that is clicked to open a fullscreen image.
    • Modal
      Modal is a box with content that interrupts the end user and demands an action.
    • Panel
      Panel groups short pieces of information in small blocks and highlights them on the screen with a specific structure.
    • Section
      Section separates content into groups, easing visual organization.
    • Tag
      Tag styles small texts in a colored tag format.
    • Tooltip
      Tooltip dynamically displays simple informative content on end user interaction.
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