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Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps
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  • Articles in this Section

    • Align Center
      Align Center places content horizontally or vertically within a container.
    • Button Loading
      Use the Button Loading pattern to call actions that don't run immediately.
    • Center Content
      Use the Center Content pattern to align the content to the center of its container.
    • Inline SVG
      Inline SVG changes fill and stroke properties or animates the SVG paths.
    • Margin Container
      Use the Margin Container and easily add symmetrical padding around a container.
    • Mouse Events
      The Mouse Events UI Pattern enables click events on a specific widget or pattern.
    • Separator
      Separator distributes content into clear groups and ease visual organization.
    • Swipe Events
      Swipe Events UI Pattern enables swiping on a specific widget.
    • Touch Events
      The Touch Events UI Pattern enables touch events on a specific widget.
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