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Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps
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Date Picker advanced use cases

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  • This article guides you on how to implement more advanced use cases for the Date Picker UI Pattern.

    Hide keyboard on Mobile devices

    When using the Date Picker bound to an input, one of the main issues for the user experience is the native keyboard opening when the input is clicked. To prevent this, add the readonly="true" attribute to the input.

    This way, the keyboard won’t open but the Date Picker opens as a popover. Furthermore, on iOS, to prevent the browser zoom when selecting a month or year, add the following CSS to your theme:

    .ios .pika-label {
        font-size: var(--font-size-base);

    This issue is due to an iOS default of zooming in when an input’s font-size is smaller than 16px.

    Create custom strings on the input

    The Date Picker code automatically sets the input value. This ensures that the correct date format is always set. However, this makes it difficult to create custom strings.

    To create a custom string, you can set the disableInputOverride option to True, using the AdvancedFormat property. The following is an example using the SelectInterval property.

    1. Enter "{disableInputOverride:true}" in the AdvancedFormat property.

    2. On the OnSelect event, assign the input’s variable to the desired value.


    When using the **disableInputOverride** as True with a custom Date Format, you must set the data format yourself for the **OnSelect** event using the Data [Conversion functions]( Otherwise, it will change to the default server format when selecting a date.

    Create a button to clear the input date

    To clear the date on both the Date Picker and the bound input, using the library clear() method, follow these steps:

    1. Drag a Button widget to the screen and create a new client action called ClearDateOnClick.

    2. On the action flow, drag the client action DatePickerClearInputDate and set the InputId property to the Id of the input bound to the Date Picker.


    Customize the available years in the year selection drop-down

    You can customize the year range available in the Date Picker year dropdown using one of the following syntaxes:

    • { yearRange: <number> } – The year dropdown displays a range of years between <number> years back and <number> years forward, counting from the currently selected year. For example:

      { yearRange: 20 }
    • { yearRange: [<start_year>, <end_year>] } – Defines the exact year range available in the year drop-down. For example:

      { yearRange: [1950, 2020] }
    • Enter this advanced configuration option in the AdvancedFormat property. Remember that you must enter a string value using double quotes. For example:

      "{ yearRange: [1950, 2020] }"

      Date Picker AdvancedFormat configuration

      The Date Picker appears as follows:

      Date Picker example in runtime

      Note: If you already have some configuration settings in the AdvancedFormat property, you must merge any new option with the existing value. The resulting string content must be a valid JSON object.

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