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Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps
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    • Action Sheet
      Option menu, which slides from the bottom of the screen, triggered by a user action.
    • Animate
      Animate adds default animations to emphasize elements as they appear on the screen.
    • Animated Label
      The Animated Label animates a label when there is user input.
    • Carousel
      Displays multiple items in a horizontal slide.
    • Dropdown Search
      The Dropdown Search UI Pattern offers a choice of available options that the user can search.
    • Dropdown Tags
      The Dropdown Tags UI Pattern offers multiple choice options to the user when using a dropdown search.
    • Floating Actions
      Floating Actions displays an action that floats in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Input with Icon
      Input with Icon allows the end user to input data with the help of a hint.
    • Lightbox Image
      Displays an image thumbnail that can be clicked to open a fullscreen image.
    • Notification
      The Notification UI Pattern is a contextual short message that provides important information to the user.
    • Range Slider
      Allows the user select a single value between two range values.
    • Range Slider Interval
      the Range Slider Interval UI Pattern allows users select a single value between two range values.
    • Scrollable Area
      Simple scrollable Block with a placeholder for content. Ideal to display multiple elements in a single, scrollable row or column.
    • Search
      Search allows the user to find pieces of content without the use of navigation.
    • Sidebar
      Sidebar shows additional content on the side of the screen.
    • Stacked Cards
      Adds swipeable cards that can be dragged in multiple directions triggering events, such as deny, approve, and archive.
    • Video
      Video allows you to embed a native video player.
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