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Look and Feel

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    • Change the look of widgets with Styles Editor
      Styles Editor is a panel for editing look and feel of widgets, such as color, size, alignment, borders. You can save styles as CSS classes and apply them elsewhere in your app.
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
      The basics of CSS in OutSystems.
    • Design the Layout of Screens Using Placeholders
      Use layouts to define the position and look and feel of the elements on the screen. A layout can be reused in many screens so they can be consistent.
    • Themes
      To edit or create a theme you need to know the basics about the theme structure. This document shows how themes integrate into the platform through predefined blocks and placeholders.
    • Customize the look of your app with Theme Editor
      Use Theme Editor to customize the overall style of your app. Each change you make is immediately applied to your app in Service Studio.
    • Responsive UI
      OutSystems provides a set of adaptive and responsive behaviors that allow developers to easily create applications to work with all browsers, devices, and resolutions.
    • Right-to-Left (RTL)
      Creating apps that display content right-to-left (RTL)
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