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Developing an Application


Applies only to Reactive Web Apps



Creating and editing tables

Use the Table Widget to create a table in your Screens, when you want to show data in cells distributed in rows and columns. This widget is available in Reactive Web Apps.

Table Widget

Table Toolbar

When you select a table created with Table Widget, you can us the Table toolbar in the main editor to move, add, or delete the columns.

Table Widget

Create a table from an Entity

The quickest way to create a table is by dragging an Entity to a Screen. When you create a table by dragging an Entity, the table comes with the built-in features sorting and pagination.

To change the default number of records to show, edit the value of the MaxRecords Local Variable associated with the Screen where you dropped the Entity.

Table Widget

Add a new column

Drag an Attribute to the table to add a new column automatically. Or, follow these steps to add new columns step-by-step.

  1. Select the table and click Add New Column Left or Add New Column Right in the main editor toolbar.
  2. Drag a Text widget to the header and enter the header text.
  3. Drag an Expression widget to the column cell and edit the Expression to show the data.

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