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Sample data

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  • Sample Data consists of example records from domains related to several industries. It is used in screens created from Screen Templates.

    Referencing sample data in apps

    Sample data is useful when you need to create a prototype, proof of concept, or when you're following a tutorial that requires it. Reference the sample data by including the OutSystemsSampleDataDB module. Here is how you can do it:

    1. Click the manage dependencies icon in the Service Studio toolbar, or press CTRL+Q. Manage Dependencies dialog opens.

      Manage dependencies icon

    2. Enter OutSystemsSampleDataDB to search the available producer modules. Select OutSystemsSampleDataDB in the results, and in the right pane select all Entities of the module.

      Manage dependencies adding module

    3. Click Apply to confirm and close. The Entities are now available in the Data tab of Service Studio.

    If there are no results when you search for OutSystemsSampleDataDB, that could mean that OutSystems Sample Data component, usually installed with Platform Server, is not present in the environment. Try installing the component manually.

    Managing OutSystems Sample Data

    Sample data is managed in the Sample Data Back-Office at http://<yourserver>/OutSystemsSampleData/ where you can:

    • View the sample data
    • Import your sample data
    • Reset the sample data

    View the Sample Data

    To view the sample data, access the Sample Data Back-Office and click the Backoffice tab.

    Import your Sample Data

    Follow these steps to import your own data for use in Screen Templates.

    1. Access the Sample Data Back-Office.
    2. In the Data Management section, click Download Data.
    3. Populate the source files in the with your own data.
    4. In the Data Management section, click Choose File and select your edited zip file.
    5. Click Upload.

    Reset the Sample Data

    To reset the sample data access the Sample Data Back-Office and in the Data Management section click Reset Data.

    Custom data model and records

    You can create your own Entities as the source of data in your Screen Templates. This can be more suitable for your business requirements.

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