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  • Enter the information about the Screen Template, so the developers who want to create Screens know what's its purpose. Set the preview image to showcase the visual elements.

    Preview image

    When developers are browsing the Screen Templates in the New Screen window they see the preview images, which help them decide whether to use a Screen Template. Scroll down to the metadata section of the Screen Template and select Change image in the Preview field.

    We recommend you use:

    • Format: PNG
    • Resolution: 1000 x 625 pixels
    • Maximum size: 100 KB

    Here are some additional notes:

    • You can download these preview image templates for web and mobile to create the previews for your Screen Templates.
    • Use a mobile frame in the images for better visibility.
    • Capture a representative part of the Screen Template and the main content areas.
    • Have important interactions like a sidebar or modal captured in the open state.

    Metadata values

    Use the values in the fields to enable the developers to browse and find the templates in the New Screen window. Enter the values in the Metadata section of the Properties Pane.

    Property Description Value Notes
    Title The Screen Template name Has no specific syntax. For better readability use camel case with separated words. The title of the template in the New Screen window. Mention the main feature of the Screen Template. For example, join information about the data the Screen Template shows and a hint about the UI - like Directory List.
    Tags The Screen Template tags Separate by commas, no spaces, and in lowercase. Example: graph,finance,cash,eating The tags help developers find the Screen Template when they search in the New Screen window.
    Category The Screen Template categories Separate by commas and use no spaces. For better readability use the camel case. Example: Dashboards,Lists The categories are automatically populated in the sidebar of the New Screen window.
    Description The Screen Template description Has no specific syntax. Aim for a short, clear description. Used when developers search for a Screen Template in New Screen window. Include information about the general purpose of the Screen Template, the UI / UX and the logic.
    Preview Preview image Select Default image to use the generic image or Change image to upload a new image. We recommend that you set a preview image for all Screen Templates you design.
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