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  • OutSystems UI defines the way to build the structure of the user interfaces of your OutSystems applications.

    The following figure represents the OutSystems UI Architecture:

    OutSystems UI Architecture

    Let’s have a look at each component.

    The OutSystems UI Framework

    The OutSystems UI Framework is the base of all user interfaces and provides UI patterns for Web and Mobile applications and beautiful built-in responsive screen templates for you to use, and allows you to create your customized templates. With these, you can create your live Style Guide which defines all the patterns and styles for building your applications.

    For example, you can use the OutSystems UI Web Base and Email stylesheets, and UI Patterns and layouts.

    OutSystems UI Framework

    The Built-in Screen Templates

    Created and maintained by OutSystems, the built-in screen templates are ready to use for developing your applications. You can choose from a different set of Web Screen Templates and Mobile Screen Templates.

    OutSystems UI Built-in Templates

    The Custom Application Templates

    The application templates you use to build your applications. Refer to the OutSystems documentation to learn how to create a Custom Application Template.

    OutSystems UI Custom Templates

    The Style Guide

    The Style Guide is a document with your brand theme colors and patterns ready to use to create a consistent user experience on your applications. It is an essential piece to ensure adherence to your brand rules, user interface consistency, and foster usability. It is designed to guide you through all delivery assets to optimize the development process and user experience.

    OutSystems UI Style Guide

    Your Applications

    Your applications can have all the necessary modules and contain all the CSS. All are created based on an application template.

    OutSystems UI Applications

    How It Works

    You can see how OutSystems UI works and browse the Screen Templates and UI Pattern catalog on the OutSystems UI website, or learn more about the different components in the sections below.

    Articles in this Section

    • Screen
      Screen is a building block of an app. You can create empty Screens or with some predefined content.