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Developing an Application



Application Templates

You create OutSystems mobile apps and web applications from Application Templates. Application Templates are designed to make development more efficient and applications based on them already contain many predefined elements. For example, the apps have a theme, CSS, layouts and related placeholders, even larger elements like components for complex logic.

The default Application Templates, built with OutSystems Mobile UI Framework and OutSystems Web UI Framework, enable you to use all of the benefits of the frameworks, including Screen Templates, web and mobile patterns, the theme customizers. The default Application Templates require that the interface modules are installed in your environment.

Types of Application Templates

There are three types of Application Templates, based on how they are created and distributed:

  • Built-in Application Templates
  • Custom Application Templates
  • Forge Application Templates

Built-in Application Templates

The built-in Application Templates are created and maintained by OutSystems. They are grouped into two sections, for creating web and mobile applications:

  • Web App templates: Side Menu, Top Menu
  • Mobile App templates: Phone, Tablet, Universal

The applications created from one of the built-in Application Templates inherit the features from OutSystems Mobile and Web UI frameworks and enable you to use:

  • The OutSystems Theme, with the predefined CSS styles.
  • Layouts, with content placeholders.
  • Patterns, with user interface design patterns.
  • Optional components for richer user experience.
  • Screen Templates, for creating screens that contain logic and sample data.

Custom Application Templates

These are your own Application Templates, based on the UI framework of the original Application Template. The document Create a Custom Application Template explains how to create these templates.

Forge Application Templates

These are Application Templates provided by the OutSystems Community and shared at Forge. You can browse them and install in your environment.