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Application Templates

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  • An OutSystems app consists of modules that Service Studio bootstraps from the application template you select. Thanks to the application templates, the apps have many predefined elements that save you development time, like login screens, a theme, layouts.

    There the following types of application templates:

    • built-in application templates
    • custom application templates
    • Forge application templates

    Built-in application templates

    Reactive Web App, Phone App, and Tablet App are the built-in application templates that OutSystems creates and maintains. They use the OutSystems UI and let you use the compatible theme, patterns, screen templates, and other UI components.

    App Templates in the New Application window

    Custom application templates

    Custom application templates are the application templates you create. Check out Create a Custom Application Template for more instructions.

    Forge application templates

    Forge application templates are provided by the OutSystems Community and shared at Forge. Once you install an application template from Forge, you can select it when you're creating a new app, just like other application templates.