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Applies only to Mobile Apps
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Native Platforms Configuration

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  • The Distribute tab in Service Center, section Native Platforms, presents the following information:

    The mobile platform being configured: iOS or Android.
    Package of Last Tagged Version

    Details of the latest package built from the last tagged version. Contains information on the version number, version code and MABS version used to generate the mobile app package.

    There are two operations available in this column:

    Download App Package: Allows you to download the AAB/APK/IPA file of the displayed package, according to the current mobile platform.

    Download Mobile App Build Logs: Allows you to download the build logs of the displayed package for the current platform. For more information check Download Mobile App Build Logs.

    Note: You will only have information in this column (and the operations described above) will only be available if the version number of the latest mobile app package matches the version number being displayed for the current mobile platform in the Version > "Number" column.
    E.g. if you did changes to the app or to its configuration, the version number will (in most cases) contain a "+" stating that the last tagged version was changed. Since there is no mobile package available for this changed version, the "Package of Last Tagged Version" column will be empty.


    Version information and package status for the current mobile platform. Contains the following sub-columns:

    Status: Shows any messages or warnings related to the mobile package for the current mobile platform. These messages are also shown in the application detail screen.
    For example, it can contain:
    a) A blue "i" icon with a message stating that the mobile platform is not configured yet.
    b) A yellow "!" icon with a warning stating that you need to generate your mobile app package.

    Number: Contains the version number from the last tag operation done in LifeTime.

    Code: An automatically incremented number, unless configured manually. For more information check Customizing the Mobile App Version Code.

    Allows you to configure the settings for the current mobile platform. For more information check Configure and Generate a Mobile App Package in Service Center.
    Domain Name
    Current domain name for the mobile app (this setting is common to all mobile platforms). For more information check Customizing the Mobile App Domain Name.
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