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Troubleshooting and known issues

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  • This document contains information about troubleshooting and known issues.

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    Known issues

    Here are the known issues with PWA.

    Overriding the Extensibility Configurations in LifeTime isn't working

    There's an issue that prevents LifeTime from overriding the PWA Extensibility Configurations. Upgrade to Platform Server 11.11.0 to resolve the issue.

    Staging of the PWA toggle value in LifeTime isn't working

    In Platform Server 11.9.0, the staging of the PWA toggle value in LifeTime isn't working as expected. Upgrade to Platform Server 11.10.0 or later to resolve the issue.


    Here are some troubleshooting tips to assist you in fixing you PWA.

    The toggle button has no effect

    If you haven't done it already, republish the apps in the factory and then turn on the toggle Distribute as PWA. For the new features to work correctly, you need to republish your apps after a Platform Server upgrade, as instructed in the Platform Server upgrade list.

    I'm getting an invalid home URL for PWA

    If the PWA can't load because you're getting the URL that matches the URL of the environment, for example, check if you set a home module for your app.

    Open the app details screen. If the Test in browser button is deactivated, the app doesn't have a module defined. Click the curly arrow icon on the right side of the module name to set that module as the home module. Try loading the PWA again.

    Set a home module

    The PWA debugging isn't starting

    The window Waiting for application stays open, and nothing happens when you start the debugging of your PWA.

    To fix this issue, set the debugger to Emulate using Chrome before you click Start debugging. Note that the options Android device and iOS device of the debugger work only when you distribute your app as a native build, and can't work with an app you distribute as PWA.

    Extensibility Configurations override isn't working when applied in LifeTime

    There's an issue with applying Extensibility Configurations from LifeTime to override the manifest. The team is working on the fix. Note that you can still use Extensibility Configurations in Service Studio.

    PWA doesn't install in iOS

    If you're using Platform Server 11.7 or earlier and iOS 13 and later, you should either:

    • Upgrade to Platform Server 11.8 or later.

    • Disable Web SQL. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > and make sure Disable Web SQL is off.

      WebSQL Settings in Safari iOS

    PWA isn't working in iOS 13.0 to 13.2

    There's an iOS bug that prevents PWAs from running correctly in the iOS versions 13.0 to 13.2. To fix the issue, use iOS 13.3 or later.

    PWA is slow and queries take too long to execute

    If your PWA performs poorly and queries take too long to execute, your local storage model might be too complex or the amount of data that the app needs to handle is too high. See Design a lightweight local storage for recommendations.

    I'm getting "not connected to the environment" error when I enable the PWA

    You're getting the following error in Service Studio when you try to enable the PWA: "There was an error connecting to your development environment. Confirm your connection and retry".

    Here are some suggestions to fix the issue:

    • Connect to Service Studio by entering your environment URL that begins with "https". For example, instead of connecting to, connect to After that, retry enabling the PWA.

    • Check if you have a valid and properly configured SSL certificate. When you distribute a mobile app, by a native build or as a PWA, you need the certificate for secure communication with the server. For more information, see notes in Enforce HTTPS Security.

    There are runtime errors

    Try deleting the local data of the app. Locate the settings in the browser, and clear the data for the app installation domain. In Chrome, go to Settings > Site Settings > Cookies and site data > See all cookies and site data, search for the domain and clear the data.

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