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Delivering Mobile Apps

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  • Once your mobile app has reached a stable state, you should distribute it to your users.

    In OutSystems, there are two ways to distribute a mobile app:

    • Generate a mobile application package (IPA and APK) for a target mobile operating system (iOS and Android). An OutSystems cloud service generates the packages for you, so you don't need the SDKs, only the configuration for the apps. Check the iOS and Android documentation to learn more about native builds and distribution to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    • Activate the progressive web app (PWA) distribution. PWA is a lightweight distribution option for mobile apps, as it doesn't depend on the app stores and uses modern browser capabilities.

    Articles in this Section

    • Mobile App Update Scenarios
      Understand how automatic updates to mobile apps work when you click on "1-Click Publish".
    • Technical Preview - Configure mobile apps updates distribution
      Mobile apps updates distribution setting lets you control how the apps update on user devices. Select store-only updates or hybrid updates. The store-only updates go through Google Play or the Apple App Store, and always update the native shell. In hybrid updates, apps can update the logic inside the existing native shell automatically, or require an update of native shell.
    • Distribute as a progressive web app (PWA)
      Develop a progressive web app (PWA) by creating a mobile app and toggling on the option to distribute the app as PWA. Try your app in Android and iOS.
    • Harden the protection of mobile apps with AppShield
      Protect your mobile apps against tampering. OutSystems AppShield hardens the native mobile build, enabling the app to detect attempts of modification and misuse.
    • Compliance with Third Party Licenses
      Learn how to be compliant with the licensing requirements of the third party components used by your application.