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Solution Pack Tool (OSPTool) Command Line Reference

This article applies to: OutSystems 10         Other versions available: 11

The Solution Pack Tool (OSPTool) allows you to publish OutSystems solutions on an environment.

This document applies to .NET stacks, check here for other stacks.

The default path of the Solution Pack Tool command line is the following:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\OutSystems\<version>\

The Solution Pack Tool command line returns non-zero values when an error occurs.

Syntax { /Publish {osp_file|oap_file} hostname username password
            | /PublishFactory hostname username password }


/Publish {osp_file|oap_filehostname username password
Publishes the specified OutSystems Solution Pack (.osp) or OutSystems Application Pack (.oap) file.
/PublishFactory hostname username password
Publishes all non-system components in the Environment specified by hostname. This helps to apply patch updates.


Publish an OutSystems Solution Pack (.osp) file: /Publish file.osp hostname username password

Publish an entire factory: /PublishFactory hostname username password
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