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Configuration Tool Command Line Reference

This article applies to: OutSystems 10         Other versions available: 11

The Configuration Tool allows you to configure your OutSystems server.

This document applies to .NET stacks, check here for other stacks.

The default path of the Configuration Tool command line is the following:

C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\

The Configuration Tool command line returns non-zero values when an error occurs.

Syntax {/SetupInstall [db_admin_username] [db_admin_password] [/SetPlatformServerAdminPassword platform_server_admin_password] | 
                       /UpgradeInstall [admin_password] [/SetPlatformServerAdminPassword platform_server_admin_password]}
                      [/RebuildSession session_db_admin_username session_db_admin_password] [/SCInstall]
                      | /GenerateTemplates
                      | /ClearInternalNetwork
                      | /UploadLicense license_file
                      | /RegenerateSettingsKey
                      | /GetSerial
                      | /SetPlatformServerAdminPassword platform_server_admin_password


/SetupInstall [db_admin_username] [db_admin_password]
Creates or upgrades the OutSystems platform database model using the server.hsconf configuration file. You must supply the credentials needed to create or upgrade the OutSystems platform database.
The admin username and password are not necessary for database providers that don’t require elevated user credentials (Oracle and MySQL).
/UpgradeInstall [admin_password]
Upgrades the OutSystems platform, without validating if the database exists or if the permissions are correct.
The admin password is optional and is only used for integrated authentication purposes where the password isn’t stored in the server configuration file.
/RebuildSession session_db_admin_username session_db_admin_password
Upgrades the session database model. The admin username and password must have permissions to execute these operations.
Forces the Service Center installation to run after finishing Configuration Tool.
Generates server configuration file (.hsconf) templates for each supported database engine in Platform Server\docs.
Introduced in OutSystems 10. Resets the internal network settings so that internal applications become accessible from any origin.
/UploadLicense license_file
Uploads the license file and checks if the license is valid.
Generates a new private.key file.
Prints the serial number of this installation.
/SetPlatformServerAdminPassword platform_server_admin_password
Defines the password for the Platform Server Admin user, if the user is active.
Note: This command does not work when using Integrated Authentication.


Perform a clean installation for SQL Server: /SetupInstall db_admin_username db_admin_password
                      /RebuildSession session_db_admin_username session_db_admin_password

Perform a clean installation for database providers that don’t require elevated user credentials (Oracle and MySQL): /SetupInstall
                      /RebuildSession session_db_admin_username session_db_admin_password

Perform an upgrade: /UpgradeInstall admin_password
                      /RebuildSession session_db_admin_username session_db_admin_password


By default the Configuration Tool has logging enabled with log level 4 (Verbose), and the predefined log file is defined as C:\Windows\Temp\ConfigurationTool.log.

For more information on configuring logs check the Change OutSystems Platform logging levels (OSTrace) topic.

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