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Release Notes



Release Notes

Platform Server 10.0.405.0

New in Platform Server 10.0.405.0

  • Added Session Fixation Protection by default to Web applications
  • New command-line API to automate the platform installation. Read more about it in the Unattended Installation and Upgrade document.
  • Improved performance of the Upload step in 1-Click Publish (Service Studio)
  • Improved the LifeTime API with a REST API for module service that allows listing modules and their details.

Bug Fixing

  • Security tab is now shown for mobile apps in Service Center application page. (#1581294)
  • LifeTime now allows hotfixes to be marked as resolved when the application is not published in the development environment. (#1389742)
  • Improved the robustness of LifeTime's synchronization of applications with a great number of module versions. (#1522858)
  • Fixed JavaScript injections (XSS attack) on List Records, TableRecords, and EditableTables. (#1548057)
  • Fixed some server exceptions that were not being correctly transmitted to Mobile Applications making their detail message blank. (#1463637)
  • Fixed referenced resources (from Web Responsive to Mobile modules) not being bundled in the application manifest. (#1582961)
  • Fixed mobile login when the Effective User Provider is different from the module's User Provider. (#1575732)
  • Fixed the Dropdown widget positioning when opened on a tablet. (#1582969)
  • Fixed widget validations to refresh elements in a list. (#1582966)
  • Fixed error with Combo Boxes using entities with non-alphanumeric column names. (#1510165)
  • Fixed feedback balloon rendering in App Feedback. (#1582967)
  • ListDuplicate and ListFilter actions are now working properly at runtime with their outputs generated with the right name. (#1582968)
  • Fixed problem with local variables of Object type that could lead to memory leaks upon multiple navigations. (#1582971)
  • Fixed runtime errors accessing Multi-Tenant views after performing the first stage of deployment. (#1482334)
  • Fixed "Is not a constructor" error in the client-side runtime when using type conversions with referenced types in Assigns or List operations. (#1517360)
  • Fixed compilation error when consuming an Entity with attributes with default values. (#1616853)
  • Fixed a NullPointerException compilation error when the 'Compiler.CssCompilationStrategy' setting is enabled and using referenced Web Blocks with TableRecords inside the False branch of an If widget. (#1530748)
  • Fixed Service Center to correctly report incompatible dependencies when a producer fails to publish due to a locked file. (#1211480)
  • Fixed an error in Service Center while checking Mobile Apps Service with the Force HTTPS setting activated. (#1545874)
  • Fixed 'HTTPS connection required' error while staging applications in LifeTime when 'Force HTTPS for exposed integrations in Web Applications' is enabled. (#1536900)
  • Fixed LifeTime for not showing "The requested application doesn't exist." message when in an application detail. (#1435396)
  • Fixed the synchronization of user information between all environments in LifeTime. (#1510116)
  • Fixed error when upgrading LifeTime from version 7.0 with some type of staging information. (#1512097)
  • Fixed in LifeTime showing at the same time a feedback message and the authentication token windows, when a service account was created. (#1582972)
  • Fixed index functions introspection in Oracle. (#1542859)
  • Fixed Oracle sequences for entity identifiers of Long Integer data type that were limited to 999999999. (#1574717)
  • Fixed triggers being disabled in Oracle/MySQL when changes to entities failed in a Service Studio publish. (#1547186)
  • Fixed SQL syntax error with Oracle and MySQL when accessing the GetUserLoginAttempts page in Service Center to troubleshoot login attempts. (#1574719)
  • Fixed image flickering when an aggregate is refreshed. (#1582965)
  • Fixed an error when upgrading mobile applications from to a newer version. (#1633811)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed upgrade to when using MS SQL 2008R2. (#1531016)
  • [.NET Only] It is now possible to access the Mobile Apps Service via an authenticated proxy. Define the proxy authentication in the Environment Configuration screen of Service Center. (#1506881)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed some 1-Click Publish errors related with file locks in .sql files. (#779059)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed variable values that were lost inside 'On Notify' destination actions if the Web Block or Web Screen was not rendered. (#1433626)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed OSP Tool crash when started without arguments. (#1582963)
  • [Java Only] Fixed source code download vulnerability when the using WildFly 8.2.0 WebServer. (#1520940)
  • [Java Only] Increased security against JavaScript injection in Web screens in some scenarios. (#1520939)
  • [Java Only] Improved the Configuration Tool feedback message when it fails to contact JBoss/Wildfly. (#663990)
  • [Java Only] Applied Oracle patch to ojdbc.jar to fix an error when fetching a blob with a length of 4193 characters. (#1531758)
  • [Java Only] Fixed Binary Data parameters in server actions that sometimes received empty data (0 bytes) when called from client actions using JPEG mime type content. (#1510111)
  • [Java Only] Fixed an erroneous behavior when WebLogic is installed in a path other than the default one or with a user other than the default one. (#1360428)
  • [Java Only] Fixed an 'No such file or directory' error when exporting data to Excel and the '/tmp/poifiles' directory has been deleted. (#1523762)

Platform Server 10.0.303.0

Bug Fixing

  • [.NET Only] Fixed an issue that was causing the upgrade of eSpaces via Service Center to get hanged. (#1584384)

Known Issues

  • When publishing an eSpace that consumes a Local Entity with a Text attribute that has a default value filled in, an error will occur during the compilation stage. To workaround this issue, the pattern must be avoided.

Platform Server 10.0.302.0

New in Platform Server 10.0.302.0

  • New LifeTime Deployment API is now available. This API introduces 3 new REST services - Environments, Applications, and Deployments - which allow the automation and orchestration of OutSystems applications deployment incorporated into the processes and tools of an enterprise IT ecosystem. LifeTime Deployment API uses new Service Accounts authentication, which is managed in LifeTime.
  • Updated OutSystems brand name and image.
  • Added the ability to customize the error page to show Internal Network errors.
  • Added a "Continue with errors" link in the bottom of LifeTime deployment screen to force deployment with reference errors.
  • Changed the warnings of solution deployments with "Incompatible Consumer" to ask for confirmation before proceeding to deploy.
  • Improved performance of 1-Click Publish in development mode.
  • Improved error message when a List is overwritten in the middle of an iteration during the execution of client-side logic.

Side Effects

  • EnvironmentManagementService and ApplicationManagementService SOAP Services in LifeTime Services API are now deprecated and will become officially unsupported in a future release. Applications using EnvironmentManagementService and ApplicationManagementService SOAP Services must be updated to use the REST services of the new LifeTime Deployment API instead.

Bug Fixing

  • Single character names are now allowed for mobile Apps identifiers (e.g. com.example.O). (#1526042)
  • Service Center is now correctly reporting incompatible dependencies when a producer failed to publish due to a file being locked. (#1211480)
  • Fixed a compilation issue when publishing solutions containing extensions, which was skipping the recompilation of the extensions. (#1520309)
  • LifeTime now takes into account if a module has switched between applications when evaluating if the application should be published in a deployment. (#982941)
  • Fixed a compilation error when a module has Decimal values in Integer attributes of Static Entities. (#1092660)
  • Fixed 1-Click Publish not detecting changes to the Entity Model when following a publish attempt that failed due to errors in the deployment of SQL scripts. This problem was occurring only in development mode. (#1215547)
  • Changed Button Group animations to be triggered before the action's execution. (#1526047)
  • Improved runtime error message when trying to execute an outdated role action. (#1004435)
  • Fixed possible deadlock while initializing database access. (#1526046)
  • Fixed an issue with LifeTime authentication token when server name was different in LifeTime and ServiceCenter. (#1406571)
  • Fixed an issue when upgrading modules with "Run As" configuration from versions lower than 6.1 that was causing the fail of deployment. (#1412935)
  • Improved LifeTime synchronization process to tolerate inconsistencies in public elements for older module versions. (#1417317)
  • Fixed an issue in DbCleaner API to drop tables for Entities that are still in the metamodel but were already physically dropped from the database (e.g. after deleting and republishing the same application module). (#1415054)
  • Fixed an issue with Blocks' event OnParametersChanged being called twice after a query refresh in Blocks with Lists or Record parameters. (#1383456)
  • Fixed an issue of On Render event not being fired under certain circumstances. (#1526045)
  • Fixed issues during Service Studio 1-Click Publish when using an authentication plugin. (#1423585)
  • Fixed a problem in Editable Tables that allowed editing in non-editable cells when navigating with the Tab key. (#1415141)
  • Fixed an issue with back navigation, occurring when doing a back navigation immediately after an upgrade and the previous screen was deleted or renamed.
  • Fixed a communication problem when there are local variables of type Object in screens or blocks, and there are also data actions or screen data sets. (#1526039)
  • Fixed "is not a constructor" error in client side runtime when using type conversions with referenced types in Assigns or List operations. (#1517360)
  • Fixed connection problems to Mobile App Service. (#1432894)
  • Removed the "HMAC Validation Failed in Login Screen" entry that was being logged in General Logs for every Service Center login screen request. (#1526038)
  • Fixed an authentication error while deploying through LifeTime using an external authentication provider. (#1477255)
  • Fixed an error while publishing LifeTimeCore related to duplicate values trying to create unique constraint. (#1471503)
  • Fixed database permission errors when using Notify Widget action between modules deployed in different database catalogs. (#1437555)
  • Fixed preview error in Aggregates when comparing values of different numeric types (e.g. Integer and Decimal). (#1526061)
  • Fixed translations in default values of referenced input parameters. (#1340151)
  • [.NET Only] OutSystems services paths are now enclosed in quotes, thus preventing "Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path Enumeration" vulnerability. (#1410015)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed error when connecting to LDAP over SSL. (#1432836)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed 1-Click Publish errors due to file locks in *.sql files. (#1149429)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed runtime error when consuming a web reference with XML attributes of type unsigned long and invoking methods using this type without explicitly passing a value. (#1435431)
  • [Java Only] Fixed high CPU spikes and instability during high server load scenarios. (#1425634)
  • [Java Only] The correct exception is now being logged if it occurs when trying to obtain a lock in the Users table. (#1471536)
  • [Java Only] Fixed a compilation error in modules having SOAP Web Services with a structure output parameter containing a single element. (#1200629)
  • [Java Only] Default Java proxy configuration is now correctly applied to REST requests. (#1498750)
  • [Java Only] Fixed Configuration Tool exit code when an error occurs publishing extensions on unattended installation. (#1526049)
  • [Java Only] Fixed a concurrency issue that could cause applications to become slower or unresponsive at runtime. (#1526051)
  • [Java Only] Fixed a null pointer exception that would occasionally occur during the execution of Configuration Tool when using the WebLogic stack. (#1526043)

Known Issues

  • When publishing an eSpace that consumes a Local Entity with a Text attribute that has a default value filled in, an error will occur during the compilation stage. This issue is resolved in version 10.0.404.0.
  • [.NET Only] This version has an issue that may cause the upgrade of eSpaces via Service Center to get hanged. This is issue is resolved in version 10.0.303.0.

Platform Server

New in Platform Server

  • "Take Offline" and "Bring Online" application operations in Service Center have been renamed to "Disable" and "Enable", to remove ambiguity regarding offline capabilities of mobile runtime applications.
  • Added UTF-8 flag to Java when compiling extensions. This adds support for database table and column names containing specific characters sets like Shift-JIS.
  • Cache header included by default in all supported application servers. Including "Cache-Control" header brings performance enhancements to application requests for static content.
  • Added support for Content Security Policies (CSP) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Added support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Improved end-user experience when new mobile application versions are available.
  • [Java Only] Added TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 to the default cryptographic protocols in Java. This allows communication to be established using all versions of TLS protocol (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2).

Side Effects

  • Some Javascript Nodes may become invalid after upgrading: Validation of JavaScript values when assigned to JavaScript node output parameters was fixed. Some unsupported values were being accepted, which may cause unexpected behaviors in the application. Invalid values assigned to output parameters will now throw an error at the end of the JavaScript node execution. 

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed differential compilation problem when changing the Module property of "Default Transition" (development-mode environments). ( #1435461)
  • Fixed offline support of mobile applications for scenarios where reference entity/structure definitions originating from extensions are used in client-side logic. (#1337277) 
  • Fixed a problem that could cause native mobile applications to enter a permanent loop when attempting to get their version rolled back. (#1435463)
  • Fixed differential compilation problem when using reference exception flows in global exception handlers (development-mode environments). (#1435445)
  • Fixed pre-bundling of mobile runtime applications during their native shell creation process on Personal Environments. (#1435464)
  • Fixed a problem when encoding Screen input parameters of mobile native applications containing space characters. (#1435444)
  • Native mobile applications no longer generate console errors related to promises library when starting-up on Android 4.4.2. (#1435465)
  • Fixed dropdown widget not being rendered on iOS apps. (#1386439)
  • Fixed compilation error on mobile modules with client-side expressions using function calls. (#1435466)
  • Fixed mobile applications upgrade errors not being sent to the server error log on rare scenarios. (#1435467)
  • Increased strength of authentication mechanisms in mobile applications. (#1435469)
  • Security improvements in images generated URL. (#1435454)
  • Fixed several runtime issues when using “Destination” objects and an unhandled error occurs. (#1378655)
  • Fixed compilation error in mobile modules with calls to server actions in OnApplicationStart and OnApplicationResume events. (#1435471)
  • Fixed user login getting stuck in rare cases due to a database lock. The lock occurred when logging in with a user that was selected for update or was created in a transaction that was not committed yet. (#1435447)
  • In some occasions, when syncing a new application, LifeTime could end up creating multiple instances of the same application. This process was changed so that it does not run in parallel to the same application. (#1435472)
  • BPT Impact Analysis in 2nd stage works even if the module name was changed. (#1300745)
  • After a deployment that generates a new mobile app, the available download was generated with the previous version. The version of the app is now updated prior to the generation. (#1435473)
  • Lifetime takes into account if a module has switched between applications when evaluating if the application should be published in a deployment. (#982941)
  • An application with outdated or broken references shows an application level warning but does not indicate the modules where the issue is located. The warning is now available in every module with issues. (#1383438)
  • Fixed client-side runtime errors when calling Server Actions that have as output with Entities from other modules. (#1435474)
  • Fixed problems reading unicode characters in Scripts that are set as a dependency of a module. (#1435446)
  • Fixed error while creating applications when Mobile App Generation Service is unreachable. (#1415149)
  • Fixed iDB2 use of dead connections. (#1408336)
  • Improved security in DB images access. (#1389703)
  • Fixed Configuration Tool error while upgrading database model. (#1386418)
  • Fixed 'invalid login' log entry appearing during environment synchronization. (#1378809)
  • Fixed issue where attributes in the request or response of a web reference were not properly handled in runtime. (#1344068)
  • Fixed SU/AO count for Silk Universal Template. (#1507615)

Development Environment 10.0.405.0

New in Development Environment 10.0.405.0

  • New option in Module menu to 'Generate Mobile App'.
  • Application icons can now have transparency.
  • Improved performance of the Upload step in 1-Click Publish (Service Studio)

Bug Fixing

  • The OutSystemsNowService module can now be added as a reference in Service Studio. (#1581303)
  • Added icons to entities to better identify them in the Aggregate editor and Aggregate properties pane. (#1582970)
  • Added a validation to only allow deploying if foreign keys to Process entities have their Delete Rule set to 'Ignore'. (#1396289)
  • Removed data manipulation operations in the 'View Data' option in the right-click menu of an Entity. (#1498746)
  • The Copy Value command in the Debugger now copies the full value of the variable. (#999428)
  • It's no longer possible to copy and paste referenced Web Blocks. (#1399162)
  • Fixed JavaScript Node autocomplete issues. (#1582964)
  • Fixed find usage of a CSS class that was not working when the class name had a hyphen. (#1566603)
  • Fixed errors that occurred when importing/refreshing SAP attributes with more than 8 decimal places. (#1562369)
  • Fixed mismatching type errors when upgrading from 9.1 to 10. (#1627312)
  • Fixed some issues related to entity names generated by Bootstrap from Excel. (#1555230)
  • Fixed Service Studio error when extension references were removed. (#1313889)
  • Fixed Input widgets bound to non-mandatory record attributes. Now they no longer lose a mandatory value specified by the user. (#1579551)
  • Fixed and improved Esc key behaviors to close pop-up windows. (#1584393)
  • Fixed elements properties that sometimes were read-only. (#1486276)
  • Fixed the error of selecting 'View Data' in the right-click menu of an Entity and Service Studio asked to republish. (#1492293)
  • Fixed usability issue when scrolling Aggregates data horizontally. (#1418365)
  • Made sure that users have selected the right type of app and template before continuing their tutorial. (#902377)

Development Environment 10.0.303.0

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the upgrade of extensions via Service Center to get hanged. Applies only to the Development Environment installation on the server side. (#1565959)

Development Environment 10.0.302.0

New in Development Environment 10.0.302.0

  • Updated OutSystems brand name and image.
  • Added new icons for list operations to improve the readability of action flows.
  • Fixed minor issues and improved usability for first-time users in Service Studio Tutorial.
  • Integer data type is now suggested for LongInteger data type objects.
  • Widget identifiers are now suggested for input parameters named "WidgetId", "InputId", etc.
  • Added support for "Insert Widget" commands in mobile modules.
  • The modules and functions of OutSystems JavaScript API now appear as autocomplete items when editing the code inside a JavaScript element.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the ability to see which attributes of an entity have already been assigned in an Assign element when opening the "Select Variable" window. (#1526041)

  • Hyphen sign (-) is now a valid character in the Application name. (#1455867)
  • Improved popup windows in Service Studio to remember their previous positions. (#1526040)
  • Fixed an error in Integration Studio when importing tables from a SQL Server database having columns defined as nvarchar(max). (#1422693)
  • Fixed issue related to properties rebinding when upgrading modules from version 9.0 to OutSystems 10. (#1419215)
  • Screen Aggregates are now correctly pluralized. (#1526044)
  • Fixed a compilation error using SOAP Web Services in Java when the name of the structure starts with lower case followed by upper case. (#1392909)
  • Fixed issue when trying to resize widgets on screens with theme parameters with negative gutters. (#617382)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio when dragging a WebBlock with sample content. (#1376632)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio when changing the Length property of an Entity Attribute to an invalid value. (#1362898)
  • Fixed the order of properties in BPT Wait nodes. (#1383422)
  • Fixed Service Studio error when manipulating Entities with cyclic references on the identifier attribute. (#1377198)
  • Dragging data actions with a single output to the screen now has the same result as dragging the output only. (#1526057)
  • Type conversions associated with a referenced Structure are now being updated when refreshing that Structure. (#1359017)
  • Improved automatic data type selection based on variable names. (#1300732)
  • Fixed error causing duplication of Custom Icons in User Actions. (#1435450)

Known Issues

  • This version has an issue that may cause the upgrade of extensions via Service Center to get hanged. Applies only to the Development Environment installation on the server side. Please use the 10.0.303.0 instead.

Development Environment

New in Development Environment

  • Automatically generate actions to do offline data synchronization between Database and Local Storage Entities. To generate a synchronization action, right-click the Entity in Local Storage and select the pattern that suits your application use case:

  • Service Studio and Integration studio have new icons:

  • Allow copying the results of the find usages window using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-A, CTRL-C).
  • Added security warning validations (e.g.: open redirect) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Mobile application version upgrade messages can now be customized at design-time.
  • Dragging a data action with a single output to the screen will now scaffold UI based on the output type.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed Native tab in Service Studio not fitting in smaller resolutions. (#1435452)
  • Fixed error related to messaging encoding when Service Studio requested a Native Build. (#1435456)
  • Fixed Stylesheets not getting properly updated when the extension of a referenced Image changed. (#1381317)
  • Improved Service Studio’s performance when editing screens with a large number of widgets (6000+). (#1370378)
  • Fixed Actions not being marked as Async when using $resolve and $reject as callbacks. (#1435458)
  • Fixed wrong suggestions being displayed in the "Add source" operation of aggregates. (#1320430)
  • Improved performance when handling actions with custom icons (e.g: drag and drop). (#1435450)
  • Fixed usability issues using Aggregate "Test Values" with text parameters. (#1319491)
  • You can now see the attribute details for variables of complex types in the properties pane. (#1435453)
  • Dragging a local storage entity which has an attribute with type of entity identifier from a server entity was wrongly creating an aggregate with a join between the two entities. (#1351309)
  • Fixed local storage images not being rendered when using hide/show patterns. (#1435449)
  • Fixed OnScrollEnding event being triggered on scroll up event. (#1435451)
  • We now prevent two consecutive events being triggered on a List Item widget. (#1435448)
  • Fixed not be able to refresh a script dependency. (#1327889)
  • Fixed rare Service Studio crash after cloning a module. (#1315974)
  • Fixed type conversions not being refreshed after changing inner structures. (#1435459)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash when drag-and-dropping an entity to a screen with errors. (#1364052)
  • Fixed using CurrDate()/CurrTime()/CurrDateTime() as default value that were being evaluated when the application was loaded, returning always the same default value. (#1435460)
  • Fixed Service Studio inability to reference OutSystems Now. (#1416349)
  • Fixed issue when upgrading translations from 9.1 to 10. (#1407315)
  • Added null values to Static Entity test value drop down menu. (#1375889)
  • Allow NullIdentifier() and CurrDate() in Aggregate test values. (#1375892)


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