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Human Activity

Activity to be executed by an end-user.


Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
Name Identifies an element in the scope where it is defined, like a screen, action, or module. Yes    
Description Text that documents the element.     Useful for documentation purpose.
The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.
Label Text displayed in the Taskbox and in the back-office when an instance of this Human Activity is executed.      
Public Set to Yes to allow the element to be added as dependency by other modules. Yes No  
User Defines the user that is going to complete the activity. Can be an expression.      
Close On Entity action that automatically ends the Human Activity execution.      
Destination Screen where the user will complete the Human Activity work after opening this activity in the Taskbox.      
Original Name Name of the element as defined in the module which implements it (producer module). This property is read-only. Yes   This property is only visible for referenced elements.
End-User Information
Detail Description of the Human Activity to be displayed to the user in the Taskbox. Can be an expression.      
Instructions Instructions on how to complete the Human Activity work to be displayed to the user in the Taskbox.      
Due Date Optional date to inform the end-user when is the due date of the activity. Can be an expression.      
Allow Skip If set to True, the activity execution may be skipped. Yes No  
Start Date Optional date that defines when the activity is scheduled to become available to be handled. Can be an expression.      
Roles List of the Roles available in your module. Allows selection of the roles that have grants to carry out the Human Activity work.   Registered

Runtime Properties

Name Description Read Only Type Observations
ClosedBy Identifier of the end-user that closed the process activity instance. Yes    
ClosedInstant Date and time when the process activity instance was closed. Yes Date Time  
Skipped True if the process activity instance ended because it was skipped. Yes Boolean  
ActivityId Identifier of the process activity instance at runtime. Yes    
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