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SOAP Web Service

Exposed Web Service based on the SOAP protocol.


Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
Name Identifies an element in the scope where it is defined, like a screen, action, or module. Yes
Description Text that documents the element. Useful for documentation purpose.
The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.
Original Name Name of the element as defined in the module which implements it (producer module). This property is read-only. This property is only visible for referenced elements.
Integrated Authentication Set to Yes to use Integrated Authentication to validate user access. Yes No
HTTP Security Security level required for HTTP requests. Can be overridden by application security settings in Service Center or LifeTime. Yes None The possible values are: None, SSL/TLS, SSL/TLS with client certificates.
Internal Access Only Only users with access to the internal network can access the Web Service. Yes No
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