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SOAP Web Services Constraints

Due to the OutSystems language expressiveness, when consuming SOAP Web Services there are scenarios that are only supported through extensions, using Integration Studio.

Integration Studio allows you not only to import Web Services from a .NET Assembly, but also implement custom logic to provide and consume Web Services in both .NET and Java.

You need to implement extensions in the following scenarios:

  • Web Services with multidimensional arrays (except if it is an array of structures which have attributes that are arrays)
  • Web Services with recursive data types (structures that contain themselves)
  • Web Services that use soap:body parts='parameters' for method input/output definitions
  • Web Services with structured types not created with either "element", "simpleType", "complexType" or "attribute" XSD constructs
  • Web Services that use data types with mapping limitations

The data types declared in the WSDL which are not used in the web methods will not be imported.

When trying to consume a SOAP Web Service that is not supported, Service Studio displays an Unsupported Consumed Web Service Error.

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