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SAP Connection

Defines a connection to a SAP system.


Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
Name Identifies an element in the scope where it is defined, like a screen, action, or module. Yes
Description Text that documents the element. Useful for documentation purpose.
The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.
Icon Picture to be displayed to help identify this element. Yes
Default Connection Settings
Application Server Hostname of the SAP application server where the remote function calls are executed.
System ID Three-letter identifier of the SAP installation to which to connect.
Instance Number Two-digit identifier of the SAP instance to which to connect.
SAP Router String Router string to connect to the SAP application server, e.g.: /H/
Client Three-digit client number that identifies which tenant's data to use in the remote function calls. 800
Language Two-letter language key used for translating language-specific data when retrieving data from SAP.
Username Username to authenticate in SAP.
Send Default Value Set to Yes to send the default value for an optional atribute or parameter in the payload of the request. Yes No
On Before Connection The action that allows you to customize the connection and its parameters. Executed before every SAP remote function call.
On Before Call The action that allows you to customize values passed to a SAP remote function. Executed before every remote function call.
On After Call The action that allows you to customize the values received from a SAP remote function. Executed after every remote function call.
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