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Built-in HTTP Status Codes

OutSystems uses the following HTTP status codes when working with exposed REST API methods:

Status Code Reason Phrase Description
200 OK Success.
400 Bad Request Problem with the request. See the response body for more information.
401 Unauthorized Missing Authorization header when the method uses Basic authentication.
403 Forbidden The service requires SSL or allows access only according to the Internal Network environment setting.
404 Not Found The specified REST API or method doesn't exist.
405 Method Not Allowed The REST API Method is not allowed to be used with the specified HTTP method (e.g. you are calling the REST API method with a PUT request instead of POST).
406 Not Acceptable The 'Accept' header of the request requires a response media type that is not supported.
415 Unsupported Media Type The method expects a different 'Content-Type' header value in the request.
500 Internal Server Error Any unhandled exception that appears in the application logic. See the response body for more information.

You can use the SetStatusCode action of the HTTPRequestHandler extension to set a custom status code. Please note that this is an advanced extensibility scenario, so be sure to test if it works as intended in your specific infrastructure.

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