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Insert Data in the Application Database

Use the RuntimePublic API to insert data in the application database following this pattern:

  1. Retrieve a DatabaseProvider from the DatabaseAccess instance.
  2. Use the provider to create a transaction.
  3. Use the transaction to create a Command.
  4. Use the Command to create command parameters.
  5. Execute the Command.
  6. Retrieve the Command results.


In this example, we add a record to the USEDITEM table that is in the application database.

C# Code Sample

using OutSystems.RuntimePublic.Db;

// [...]

// Retrieve the DatabaseProvider for the current application
DatabaseProvider dbaProvider = DatabaseAccess.ForRunningApplication();

// We will use this later to handle query parameters and escape identifiers
SqlHelper sqlHelper = dbaProvider.SqlHelper;

// Here we use the database transaction that is used to handle the current HTTP request
// You can also use a separate transaction
using (RequestTransaction requestTransaction = dbaProvider.GetRequestTransaction()) {
    using (Command cmd = requestTransaction.CreateCommand(
        string.Format("INSERT INTO USEDITEM ({0}, age) VALUES ({1}, {2})",
            // DESC is a keyword in SQL Server you need to escape it before using it as an
            // identifier
            // Parameter names need to be prefixed so they can be properly replaced by
            // their respective values. Each engine has its own parameter prefix so you can
            // use this function to make your SQL database agnostic
            sqlHelper.PrefixParam("desc"), sqlHelper.PrefixParam("age")))) {

        cmd.CreateParameter(sqlHelper.PrefixParam("desc"), DbType.String, "Car");
        cmd.CreateParameter(sqlHelper.PrefixParam("age"), DbType.Int32, 3);
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