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Applies only to Web Applications

Ajax Refresh

Use Ajax Refresh tool in your flow to refresh only parts of the screen, while keeping the state of the screen. Here are some important notes to keep in mind.

One element
One instance of Ajax Refresh can refresh only one element. You can refresh more than one interface element at the same time as long as you group them inside a Container and then refresh the Container.
Ajax Submit
Ajax Refresh will run only if the navigation method of the widget that triggered the action is Ajax Submit.
Element you want to use in Ajax Refresh must have a name.
Web Screen Preparation
If you use Ajax Refresh on Web Screen, the Preparation for the Web Screen will be executed.
The refresh order
Two or more Ajax Refresh tool instances will run in the order they appear in the flow.


Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
Widget or Web Block Specifies a widget or block to refresh. Yes
Row Number Number of the row to refresh. If undefined, refreshes all the rows in the widget. Can be an expression.
Animation Effect Type of animation applied to the widget when refreshed. Yes None The possible values are: None, Highlight, Fade, Vertical Slide.
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