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Resources Tree

The Resources tree, in the extension workspace, presents the resources associated with the current extension and provides the necessary operations to manage them. In Integration Studio, resources are files that implement the behavior of the extension actions or any files that support other aspects of the extension, such as action icons and help files.

The resources of your extension can be added explicitly or automatically by Integration Studio in the following situations:

  • When the extension is created, Integration Studio adds as resources the necessary source files for the development of the extension.

  • When you import actions from a .NET assembly, the assembly and its dependencies are added as resources, as well as the DotNetAction.ico, if it hasn't been added before.

Resource Status

A resource has the following possible statuses:

The file exists in the File System but was not added as a resource. If you want to include this resource, see Add a Resource.
The file was already added as a resource and there were no changes since the last save of the extension.
The file was already added as a resource but there were changes since the last save of the extension. You should save the extension in order to refresh the status of the resource.
The file was added as resource but no longer exists in the File System.

Resources' physical location

The resources are stored in a directory, called <extension_file_name>/<NET|J2EE>, under the directory where the XIF (Extension and Integration Framework) file was saved. The first time the extension is created, these resources are stored in a temporary directory until you save the extension.

To open the directory that contains the resources, simply right-click in the Resources folder icon and select the Open option.

After the first save or "save as...", the resources will be moved to the <extension_file_name>/Source/<NET|J2EE>, under the directory where the XIF file was saved.

Extension operations

In the Resources tree, the following operations are available to handle your resources:

Operation Description
Include in Extension Adds the resource to the extension.
For more information, see Add a Resource.
Exclude from Extension Removes the resource from the extension. The next time the extension is saved, this resource file is not packed in the XIF file.
Open Opens the item you selected on the Resources tree.
If a folder is selected, then Windows Explorer is launched in the corresponding folder.
If a file is selected, the default program associated with that file type is launched and the file is opened.
Compare with Template Allows you to compare the differences between the resource file, stored in the file systems, and the template file.
For more information, see Resources Editor.
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