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Naming Elements in Integration Studio

An element name is a sequence of characters [Aa-Zz], numbers, and/or the character "_"; spaces are not allowed. The name of the element must start with a character [Aa-Zz]. Any character that is not allowed, for example "space" or "ç", is automatically translated, by Integration Studio, to "_".

The maximum number of characters allowed depends on the element you are handling:

  • Entity attribute name: 28 characters.

    If you are using an Oracle database, there are some reserved words that cannot be used as attribute names: timestamp, number, blob, clob and varchar2. Integration Studio presents a warning message notifying you that the attribute name must be changed.

  • Any other element: 50 characters.

If the name is bigger than the maximum allowed, Integration Studio presents an error message and you must follow these limits in order to proceed.

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