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Entity Attribute Properties

The next table presents the properties of the entity attribute element.

Property Description Optionality Default value Obs.
Name Name of the attribute. Mandatory Attribute <n> You should change the name of the attribute to a suitable value.
See rules for naming elements.
Original Name Name of the column in the source database. Can contain any kind of characters supported by the DBMS. Optional Automatically filled when introspecting a database.
If this property is empty, the "Name" property value will be used.
If you change this property value in an imported entity attribute, you might have runtime errors.
Original Type Type of the attribute in the source database. Can be any value supported by the database. Optional Automatically filled when introspecting a database.
Mandatory Indicates whether the attribute is mandatory or optional. Mandatory Mandatory To define an attribute as optional, simply un-check this property.
Auto Generated Indicates whether the attribute value is generated by the database. The platform sets the generated value in this attribute after the record has been inserted in the database. Optional
Data Type Indicates the type of the attribute. Only basic data types such as Text or Integer are available. Mandatory The possible values are presented in a drop-down list. For more information, see available data types.
Since OutSystems has its own data types, you should check how Database data types are translated into OutSystems' data types. Check the mapping for Oracle or SQL Server.
If you override an attribute data type (which value was initially defined when importing an entity from a database) by manually selecting a different value, this override value will be kept when you refresh the entity.
Default value Default value that is used if no value for this attribute is provided in the module that is using this action. Optional
Length Size of the attribute. Optional This property is only available for Text and Decimal types. In the Decimal type, this property corresponds to the number of digits, including the decimal part. If the values for these data types are not specified, default values are used.
The rest of the data types have a fixed length.
Decimals Number of decimal places. Optional This property is only available when the data type is Decimal and corresponds to the number of digits of the decimal part.
Ignore Indicates if the attribute should be ignored in runtime. Attributes set as ignored will not be present in the entity when you use it in your applications and will not be considered during verification and compilation phases. Mandatory False

(see "Obs.")
When a table has a column with a type that cannot be used by the OutSystems platform (ex: Geometry), the entity attribute is automatically set as ignored (Ignore = True) after importing the table.
Description Description of the parameter. Optional By default the description is empty, but you should provide a small description of the semantic of this parameter. The maximum allowed size for descriptions is 255 characters.
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