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Action Properties

The next table presents the properties of the action element.

Property Description Optionality Default value Obs.
Name Name of the action. Mandatory Action <n> See rules for naming elements.
Icon Icon associated with the action. This icon will be used in Service Studio to graphically identify this action. By default, Integration Studio associates an icon with the extension action. If the action was initially created in this tool, then the icon associated is (Default). If the action was imported from a .NET assembly, then the default icon associated is . See how to change the action icon.
Description Free text that describes the action. Optional Useful for documentation and knowledge transfer purposes. The maximum size of this property is 255 characters.
Function Indicates whether this action can be used as a user function in expressions, in Service Studio Mandatory No
Import Details... Presents information about the import operation. Optional Only available when the action was added during the Import Actions from .NET Assembly wizard. For more information, see Action editor.
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