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Integration Studio

Integration Studio is a desktop tool that allows you to create and manage your extensions.

The next screenshot presents the workspace for this tool:

The workspace is divided into the following areas:

Where you can create new extensions, verify and publish an extension, connect to the Platform Server, etc.
Multi-tree Navigator
Where you can add and select your Actions, Structures and Entities, in the Extension tree; add and select your Resources, in the Resources tree.
Status bar
Contains information about the extension, like the folder where the XIF (Extension and Integration Framework) is being saved.
Multi-tab editors
Contains all the elements (extension, actions, structures, entities and resources) that you have selected in the Multi-tree Navigator.
Specific Editor
Where you can edit the extension and its elements: actions, structures, entities, or resources.
Server Info
Where you can find information on which Platform Server you are connected to and which user has established this connection.

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