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Fix Expression Errors

In the TrueChange tab, you can fix specific module errors. This feature is available when you have an error in an expression caused by the deletion of an input parameter of a user function. To prevent loss of work, Service Studio changes the syntax of all the calls of that particular function if they have values for the deleted parameter.

In the end, an invalid expression error is issued because the parameter does not exist anymore. You may decide that the parameter was important after all, and re-create it (all expressions will work as before). Or you may want to take the parameter out of your expressions so they can work again without the parameter. In the latter case, you should use this feature , which really just speeds up something you could do manually.

How to fix an expression error:

  1. In the TrueChange tab, select the error that you want to fix;

  2. Right-click that error and select the Remove from all expressions arguments named '<parameter_name>' in function '<function_name>' calls option.

Service Studio erases from all the expressions of the module that invoke this function, the argument that contains the named parameter. This operation may take a while.

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