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Gateways Tab

The Gateways tab allows you to configure all SMS-related settings.

SMS Gateway section

Configuration Description Default value

Host (IP address)

IP address of the SMS gateway.

Send SMS port

Port used by the SMS Gateway to send messages.


Status port

Port used by the SMS Gateway to receive the operational status of the requests and to monitor the SMS status in the environment management console.



Name of the user that is used in the accesses to the SMS Gateway.

This must be an existing SMS gateway user.



Password of the user.


Status password

Password used when requesting the status of the SMS requests.


Max. Bulk SMS

Maximum number of Bulk messages sent to the SMS Gateway per block.


Unified prefix

Country prefix; must include the “+” signal.


Test number

Phone number used to test the connection to the SMS Gateway server.


Web Server Front-end

Configuration Description Default value

IP Address

Specify the IP Address of the server to receive and handle the delivery reports of sent SMSs.


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