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File Menu

The File menu contains the following options:

  • Import Configuration...: Imports a configuration file that was created by the Export Configuration... option.
  • Export Configuration...: Exports your current configuration to a file.

The exported configuration file should be stored in a shared folder to be accessible to all Front-end servers.

  • Apply and Exit : Applies the current configuration and exits the Configuration Tool.
  • Exit : Exits the Configuration Tool.

The Import/Export Configuration... options are very useful in environments with a Deployment Controller server and several Front-end servers; they all must have the same configuration that is set as follows:

  1. Configure your Deployment Controller server.
  2. Export the configuration of the Deployment Controller server using the Export Configuration... option.
  3. In each Front-end server, open the Configuration Tool and use the Import Configuration... option to import the configuration file.

The only difference between the Deployment Controller Server and Front-end Servers is related with the Scheduler that can be tuned in each Front-end Server.

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