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New in Support Portal



New in Support Portal

OutSystems is constantly working to improve support to customers. One key area where we are investing is in our support portal, a critical part of assisting you whenever you need help. So what's new?

Improved Case Management

We get it - whenever you need support, the last thing you want is to be struggling with clunky interfaces. That's why we invested heavily in making sure that opening a case, searching your past cases, and looking for updates are very easy. 

Find the right cases

On the case list, you can now: 

  • Access all cases where you are added as a follower.
  • Easily trace updates.
  • Sort all columns and quickly find what you need.
  • Quickly find open cases when you have access to several platforms (infrastructure)


Efficiently find case information

With a new case detail interface it’s now much easier to find status, comments, and other relevant details about your case. Waste no time locating the right information to keep things moving to resolution. 

Also, if a case is closed but you're not sure about the solution, you can reopen the case in the next 30 days simply by submitting a new comment.


Know how long you'll be waiting

Every time you open or update a case, you will be immediately informed about the expected response time. This estimate is based on your support contract level and ticket severity. This lets you plan your own activities accordingly and get back to us if you don't think we'll be fast enough.

[NEW] Improved on-the-go experience

You're able to access all of the relevant support portal information on your mobile device, including sharing details with your team or following up on cases. 


[NEW] Follow-up for a closed cases

If you want to follow-up a topic that was explored in a specific case already solved, you can do it now. This creates a new ticket that references the solved ticket and also pulls all of the original ticket data into the new ticket.

[NEW] Export your cases to PDF

Share your cases with our internal staff. No permissions complexity.


What's Coming Next

We will continue investing in supporting you with whatever is needed to make you successful when using OutSystems. 

Support for non-technical questions

Help from OutSystems can come in many forms - not just technical support. You might need assistance with invoices, pricing, or you just want to tell us how awesome we are. 

Soon we'll be expanding our reach and allowing you to: 

  • Seamlessly contact OutSystems to discussing other topics like development questions, pricing, invoices, etc;
  • Access additional product documents and training material
  • Use your preferred way to communicate with us - web chat, phone, portal, or right from your development environment 
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