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Secure the Applications

Articles in this Section

  • Configure an Internal Network
    Configure the range of IP addresses that are considered part of your internal network.
  • Apply Content Security Policy
    Use the Content Security Policy (CSP) against code injection attacks in applications developed with OutSystems to protect against a growing number of attacks on the Web.
  • Enforce HTTPS Security
    Check how IT Managers or Administrators can override and enforce the HTTP security of OutSystems applications that are installed and running.
  • Encrypt web apps view state
    Secure the runtime of web application by encrypting the viewstate to protect sensitive information submitted by end users on the browser.
  • Protection against Brute Force Attacks
    Applications secured with authentication can be subject to brute force attacks that systematically try to guess user passwords. OutSystems provides a built-in protection mechanism that allows taking countermeasures against these attacks.
  • Use HTTPS by Enabling SSL
    Allow users to access your applications over HTTPS by enabling SSL in your infrastructure.
  • Use an External Authentication Provider
    OutSystems allows your IT users to authenticate using the same account they use in other corporate systems.
  • Implement an Authentication Plugin
    Learn the requirements an external authentication plugin must implement.
  • Configure Mobile App Authentication
    OutSystems mobile authentication mechanism is configurable per environment to meet different security requirements.