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The APDEX Performance Score

OutSystems uses the APDEX (Application Performance Index) metric, to measure the user satisfaction with the performance of your applications.

How to Interpret an APDEX Score

Your applications are rated from 0% to 100%:

  • 0%–70%: the application provides a poor user experience for being slow
  • 70%–85%: the application provides a fair user experience for being fairly slow
  • 85%–100%: the application provides a good user experience, since it's fast

If there is no data about an application, OutSystems displays a hyphen (-).

How an APDEX Score is Calculated

Each time the end-user navigates to a page in your application, OutSystems checks how long the page took to load. If the page loads in:

  • More than 8 seconds: it provides a poor user experience, because it's slow
  • 2–8 seconds: it provides a fair user experience, because it's fairly slow
  • Less than 2 seconds: it provides a good user experience, because it's fast

To calculate the APDEX score of an application, we use the following formula:

This scores an application with:

  • 0% if all page loads were slow, i.e. took more than 8 seconds
  • 50% if all page loads were fairly slow, i.e. took between 2 and 8 seconds
  • 100% if all page loads were fast, i.e. took less than 2 seconds

You can learn more about this industry standard at