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Create an IT User

OutSystems allows you to manage IT users like developers, testers, and operators.

Consider that John has just joined in and he needs a user to login in OutSystems.

  1. Open the Users & Roles tab and click "New User".
  2. Fill in the form with John's information:
    • Name: John Hansen
    • Default Role: Developer
    • Username: john.hansen
    • Password and Confirm Password: enter a password and confirm it
    • Email:
  3. Click Save to create John's user.

Keeping users synced between LifeTime and Service Center

LifeTime is the master of data for IT users and ensures that every user has the same credentials in all environments that are registered in LifeTime. When you register an environment in LifeTime, from that moment on you will not be able to change the accounts of IT users in the Service Center of that environment.

When you create or update an IT user account in LifeTime, the user's credentials will be updated in LifeTime's database and that change is also propagated to every registered environment. This behavior is also enforced by LifeTime's synchronization process that runs everyday.

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