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Create an IT Team

Teams allow you to manage the permissions a number of IT users have for several applications. This way, when a new hire joins the company, the infrastructure manager can simply create a new user and add the user to the team they’ll be working on.

Create the team

In this example, the Customer Portal team manages the Customer Portal application and all its dependencies: the Cases and CRM Services applications. To create this team in OutSystems, select the Users & Roles tab in LifeTime, click Teams, and select New Team.

Add applications to the team

Click on Add Application and choose the applications the users in this team will have access to: Customer Portal, Cases and CRM Services. Notice that only applications that are not yet part of a team are displayed. This is because applications can only be part of a single team.

Add IT users to the team

Click on Add User, and select the IT users that are part of the team. Since permissions are assigned using roles, assign the role each user will have for the applications managed by the team.

In this example, Andrea Fleet is the release manager, so we set her with the Release Manager role. This way she has permissions to deploy all three applications to Quality Assurance.

Abe, Cheryl, and Christina are the developers of these applications, so we assigned them the developer role.

Remove IT users from the team

When Cheryl leaves the Customer Portal team to join the Vacations team, we remove her from the Customer Portal team, and add her to the Vacation team.

She will no longer have access to Customer Portal, Cases, and CRM Services.

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