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Allow Managers to Handle Permissions of IT Teams

As an infrastructure manager, when someone joins your company you need to create a new user and assign them roles. This is tedious work but cannot be easily delegated, otherwise the security of your infrastructure might be compromised.

To help you with this, OutSystems allows you to keep the control of the users and teams that are created while delegating the permission management to the team manager.

It's convenient both for you and the team: you retain control of the users and roles created, but the team manager can manage the permissions within the team.

Assign a team manager

After you've created the Customer Portal team, grant higher permissions to the team manager. In this example we'll assign Andrea Fleet the 'Team Manager' role.

Since the 'Team Manager' role has permissions to manage application roles, Andrea will be able to add existing users to her team. When assigning the role those users have in the team, Andrea can only assign roles that have the same or less permissions than her own.

Add IT users to the team

When Carl joins the company to work on the Customer Portal team:

  • The infrastructure manager still needs to create a user and assign him a default role.

  • Andrea adds Carl to her team, and assigns him the Developer role in this team. This makes him able to change all three applications in the Development environment. He still won’t be able to change any other application, nor change any application in Quality Assurance or Production.

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