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Applies only to Mobile Apps

Send Feedback in Mobile Apps

OutSystems mobile apps allow users to send feedback using the App Feedback built-in feature. When the App Feedback is enabled for a mobile app, the user will see the following screen when using the app for the first time in the device:

App Feedback allows sending feedback through voice recording, which requires permission to access the device's microphone. When sending the first feedback, the app will require this permission:

To send feedback, users must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the screen for which they want to send feedback.

  2. Long press 2 fingers on the screen:

  3. App Feedback feature will be activated:

  4. Mark on screen with the finger the area referred by the feedback:

  5. Type a text message in the input box or start a voice recording by clicking on the microphone icon:

  6. Click Send to submit the feedback.

Users will not be able to send feedback if the device has no network connectivity.

You can handle the feedback sent by users in the App Feedback application.

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