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Applies only to Web Apps

Deploy a Single Module

To decrease the deployment time, it is sometimes useful to deploy a single module of an application, instead of deploying the entire application. This feature is only available for Web applications.

Here's an example of how to do it.

Deploy One Module of an Application to Quality

In this example, MyBigWebApp is a web application with several modules. It has changes in one module (MyBigWebApp4) and we only want to deploy this module to Quality.

Choose the Module to Deploy

In the 'Application' tab, click the Deploy... green button between Development and Quality.

In the MyBigWebApp application, click the Do Nothing dropdown menu, and select Deploy Custom....

A pop-up opens, displaying all modules of the MyBigWebApp application. Notice the modules with a '+'(plus) sign, signaling that they have been changed.

Check the MyBigWebApp4 module to deploy its latest version to Quality. Confirm the choice by pressing Done.

Deploy the Module

Back to the deployment screen, click Validate Now to validate if just deploying module MyBigWebApp4 from MyBigWebApp has no impact on other applications in Quality. All it's OK, so click on the Continue button to review the deployment plan.

Add a note like 'Deploying module MyBigWebApp4 from MyBigWebApp' and click on Deploy Now.

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