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Create an App from a Template

In OutSystems you can develop applications using predefined templates. This will save you time and allow applications development following specific style guides and business rules.

Templates can contain the definition of screen layouts, CSS, or even logic, such as authentication, that is common to applications.

To create an application from a template do the following:

  1. Open Service Studio;
  2. Click on the plus icon, New Application;
  3. Select Web or Mobile, this will define the type of application you want to develop. Check Choose between a Mobile or a Web App to know more.
  4. Select the template you want to use. Different templates are available for each type of application.
  5. Fill in the application details and set the application logo. Use a large version with 1024x1024 pixels and maximum size of 512 KB if you intend to submit your Mobile application to an app store;
  6. Click Create App.

The mobile application is created, and is already prepared for mobile scenarios, such as:

  • Smaller screens
  • Native features
  • Working offline
  • High-latency networks

When creating the first module for the application, select Responsive (for a Web app) or Mobile (for a Mobile app); this will be your UI module. The created module has the definitions of the template on which it is based, such as layout blocks or themes.

OutSystems offers you built-in templates, to help you create applications with a great look and feel, right from the start. Alternatively, you can install a template created by the OutSystems Community, or you can create your own.

When a new app is created based on a template, its UI module will inherit the same color scheme that's defined in the template, even if you choose a different color in the new app wizard. See how to make your app have a different color from the color of the template.


GoOutWeb is a web application, for finding, reviewing and rating places. Now the developers want to create its mobile counterpart. They have already defined a template, named Phone, optimized for smartphones, and that works well in tablets.

To create the new mobile application based on the Phone template, do the following:

  1. Open Service Studio;

  2. Click on the plus icon, New Application;

  3. Select Mobile App;

  4. Select the Phone template;

  5. Fill in the application details:

    • Set the name as GoOut;
    • Set the description as Mobile front-end for the application to review and rate places;
    • Set a 1024x1024 image with the logo of the application.
  6. Click Create App.

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