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Extensibility and Integration


Applies only to Mobile Apps

Mobile Plugins

While developing a mobile app, it is a common scenario to make use of mobile device capabilities and features, as the GPS, notifications or access device’s contacts to enhance the applications use cases. In OutSystems, you allow your apps to use the mobile device capabilities by using plugins. A plugin is an application module acting as a wrapper for an Apache Cordova plugin. Depending on the Apache Cordova used in the plugin, it can support the use of the native mobile capabilities for iOS and Android or only for one of them.

OutSystems provides a set of plugins available in Forge, available out-of-the-box in the OutSystems Now app, supported and updated regularly that you can use in your applications. You can also download and use plugins created by other developers (also available in Forge) or create your tailor-made plugins to use in your application.

What Are the Supported Plugins Provided by OutSystems

Plugin Description
Camera Enable your application to access the camera capabilities of the device.
Ciphered Local Storage
(not included in OutSystems Now)
Keep your mobile application's sensitive data safe using a ciphered Local Storage database.
Card IO Automatically get the details of a credit card just by taking a picture.
OneSignal Notifications
(not included in OutSystems Now)
Push Notifications using OneSignal, with deep-linking and actions.
Pushwoosh Notifications
(not included in OutSystems Now)
Push Notifications using Pushwoosh, with deep-linking and actions.
SSL Pinning
(not included in OutSystems Now)
Provide an extra layer of security to HTTPS communications by adding a verification of the server certificate against hashes of public keys.
Local Notifications Send app notifications to the device when the application isn’t running in the foreground.
QR/Barcode scanner Scan barcodes and QR codes.
Location Access the GPS capabilities of the user's device. For example the latitude, longitude and the altitude of the user's device.
Contacts Access the contacts of your device.
InApp Browser Open external URLs directly in your application.
Touch ID Use authentication with Touch ID in your application.
Calendar Access the calendar of your device.
Key Store Store small amounts of sensitive information on your device. The keystore secures data by encrypting the data before storing it, and the platform itself carefully controls access to stored items.
(included in all applications)
Understand when you're online, offline and the type of network available (Wifi, 3G, 4G...).
Mobile AppFeedback 
(coming soon)
Enables the web app to invoke the app feedback, for feedback submission.


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