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Define Resources

Once you have created your extension, simply define the resources that your extension requires. The resources of your extension are displayed in the Resources tree.

All these resources are packed in the XIF (Extension and Integration Framework) file when the extension is saved.

The resources can be added implicitly by Integration Studio; or you can add any file as a resource of your extension. For example, icons associated with the extension actions or help files that must be available for Service Studio developers.

When creating a new extension or updating the extension source code, Integration Studio implicitly adds the source files as resources, which are generated based on the template files. For more information, see Extension Source Files.

To add a resource do the following:

  1. Copy the file you want to add to the resources directory. Once the file is copied, the status of the resource, in the Resources tree, is Excluded.

    To determine the resources directory, right-click in the Resources icon and select the Open option.

  2. Right-click on this file and select the Include in Extension option. Once the file is added as resource, the status is Included.

  3. Specify the following properties:

    • Name: name of the resource.
    • Last Modified: Read-only property that indicates the date and time when the resource was last modified since the last save.
    • Deploy Action: indicates where, in the Platform Server, the resource is stored when the module that added the extension is published.
    • Description: description of the resource.

The Resource editor allows you to later change the resource properties.

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