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Add an Action

Once you have created your extension you may manually add the actions that you want to expose in the extension.

Once the actions are defined and the extension is published on the Platform Server, simply add a reference in Service Studio to these actions, in order to use them in the module.

Do the following:

  1. Right-click on the Actions folder in the Multi-tree Navigator and select the Add Action option.

  2. Specify the following properties:

    • Name: name of the action
    • Icon: icon associated with the action used in Service Studio to graphically identify this action
    • Description: description of the action
    • Function: when set to Yes, allows the action to be used as a user function in Service Studio

    For more details about these properties, see Action Properties.

  3. Specify the parameters of the action by editing them in the Action Parameters editor.

You can later change any of the action properties, in the Action editor.

Integration Studio also provides the Import Actions from .Net Assembly wizard that allows you to add several actions with less effort by using introspection. This wizard is only available in a .NET or (Both) application server.

Web Services

When creating custom extensions to consume Web Services, for application servers in .NET, you can use the Import Actions from a .Net Assembly wizard, which supports Web Service proxies. Learn how to Import Web Services from a .Net Assembly.

If you are using a Java application Server, learn more about Creating a Java Extension to Consume Web Services.

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