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Configure OutSystems to Send Emails

OutSystems allows sending emails from your applications. For this to work you need to configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transference Protocol) server to use for sending the emails.

This is an environment-wide configuration, allowing you to choose a different email provider for each environment.

Configure the SMTP Server

  1. In the environment management console (Service Center), navigate to the Administration tab and click Email.
  2. Fill-in the information about the SMTP server to use, and click Apply for the changes to take effect.

To check if the SMTP is properly configured, try sending an email from an existing application.

Don't Send Emails When Testing

When developing and testing, you need to ensure that no email gets sent to your customers by accident.

To redirect all emails to a list of test users, check the Redirect Emails to Test List. Add the email addresses to redirect the emails to, in the 'Test List Addresses' field.

In this example, all emails sent from this environment are redirected to an internal mailing list, instead of their original address.

Configure the Environment Hostname

To ensure the links in your emails point to the right environment, be sure to set the environment hostname.

Navigate to the Administration tab and click Environment Configuration. Set the Hostname field with the domain name you want your users to navigate to.